Delivered to your Doorstep

Please note consignees who want their cargo delivered to them will have to follow the below procedures.

  • Colombo Express will post or e-mail you a specimen letter which you need to complete and send back along with two certified copies of your National Identity Card. This is done about 6-10 days before the ship arrives to Sri Lanka. If the shipper/consignee is the same and you need to use your duty free allowance, you would have to make arrangements to send your passport to CSL UPB – Nick Fernando whose address is mentioned on the specimen letter.
  • All door delivery consignees should inform us of a mobile and landline phone number so we can contact them when required.
  • All door deliveries will be done three or four days after the container is unloaded at CSL. We will inform you of the total charges before we deliver the cargo to you. You will be informed of the time frame during which your cargo will be delivered..

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