How It Works


Pick up

Customer contacts Colombo Express with details of their packages and contact information. Colombo Express will contact the customer ahead of the pickup with scheduled dates allocated for that area to check availability of the Customer. If the date allocated is suitable for the Customer, Colombo Express will provide with a 4 hour time window when the package(s) will be picked up.

Collection of boxes of personal items are currently available in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin , Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Florida and Texas.

If the Customer is not within the above regions, Colombo Express will inform of a Pickup Location where the Customer can hand over the package(s) on scheduled date and time.

Efficient handlers engaged by the company devote strenuously their time in the collection of packages.


Transport to Colombo Express Warehouse

Once collected these are transported by company vans to it's warehouse located at the Elizabeth harbor complex on the New Jersey sea front.